19,90 per month
shipping included
10 to 20 books
every 4 to 6 weeks
curated & matched
ships from family to family
maintained as needed

10 to 20 books are delivered to your home every 4 to 6 weeks in a re-shippable Swircle Box. You swap with the box by taking out books you want and putting in books you don’t want, in exchange for Swap Points. The Swircle Boxes are then shipped onward directly from one family to the next family. The boxes are routed based on algorithms that match the books to each family. Matches are based on preferences, wishlists, skiplists and swap history; the books you receive are 2/3rd based on the information you share with us, and 1/3rd a surprise. In addition, the boxes and the books are regularly re-directed to Swircle Headquarters for maintenance when necessary. All shipping costs are included in your price. You are given 80.000 Swap Points to start, which will allow you to keep 5 to 14 books in-between each shipment. Additional Swap Points can be earned by giving away your own books. Swap Points can also be purchased if you want to take much more books than you have to give.

Regular Price: 19,90 € per month
39,90 per month
same as standard, plus:
+ sanitized every time +
+ ships from headquarters +
+ maintained every time +

In the limited-time Quarantine Plan, almost everything is the same as the Standard Plan. The only difference is that each box and its books are sanitized in between each shipment. Every box makes a trip to Swircle Headquarters first for hygienic cleaning, before it is delivered to you. We use a combination of heat, disinfectant solution and ozone to sanitize the books and the boxes.

Regular Price: 39,90 € per month