Travelling library of the best kids' books - in your language

Up to 20 books delivered monthly to your living room. Take what you want, give what you don't, then send it onwards. Powered by community - curated & maintained by technology.
2-month trial for 6,95€/month.
Give Kids a Better Alternative to Screen Time. #ReadThinkGrow

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Swircle Box

Books for 1- to 12-year-olds in German or English (more languages, vote here) are shipped to your home every 4 to 6 weeks in a Swircle Box. Every box contains 10 to 20 books that have been matched to your family based on your preferences.


It is a swap – you take books you want, and you give away books you no longer want – even books that did not originally come from Swircle. The box of books is then optionally cleaned by HQ, then sent onwards for the next family to enjoy! It’s a collective library, always in motion, travelling from one family to another. Swircle means “swap circle”.

Swap Circle
Join the Swap Circle, #ReadThinkGrow


Swircle leverages the sharing economy, the postal service, and technology to make real books as convenient, as cheap and as interesting as digital distractions. We hope to inspire generations of readers and thinkers; less screens, less internet, more books.

10 reasons why it's for you:

Read up to 20x more books for the price of 1 new book.

saves you money

Books delivered automatically to your home.

saves you time

Pre-selected books, matched to your family.

saves you effort

Swap away books you no longer want.

reduces clutter

Access to books in other languages.

promotes multilingualism

Reuse & share books already here in the country.

reduces carbon footprint

Books sanitized between each use (optional).

cleaner books

Temporarily own instead of constantly buying.

teaches kids to share

happy child
Kids get something ‘new’ every month.

makes everyone happy

Constant stream of new stories to read.

better habit than screen time


The swap circle in 7 steps:

Step #1

Create an account and tell us about your family. Select ages, languages and interests; create wishlists and skiplists. The more you tell us, the better we are at matching books to your children.
#1 - Pick Language & Age

Step #2

Your first box of 10 to 20 books will be delivered to your home. Unlock your re-useable Swircle Box and make sure everything has arrived.
#2 - Receive & Verify

Step #3

Take books you want, and give away books you no longer want. You can also give away your own books to earn Swap Points. The more Swap Points you have, the more books you can take.
#3 - Swap Books

Step #4

When you are ready, a shipping label is created and emailed to you; print it and use it to ship the books away, back into the swap circle.
#4 - Ship it Onwards

Step #5

Your books are analyzed and shipped directly to the family that is most likely to enjoy them next. If maintenance is needed, Swircle HQ will intercept and fix everything automatically.
#5 - Match & Route

Step #6

Enjoy the books you have taken! Books are magical. They make kids smarter, more creative and they teach them about the world. You are growing your children's brains and instilling a habit of reading. Well done!
#6 - Read, Think & Grow

Step #7

Every 4 to 6 weeks, a new box of books will be automatically delivered to you. The books you receive each time is 2/3 based on the info you give us, and 1/3 a surprise. Update your preferences and your matches will improve!
#7 - Repeat & Improve

Swircle Experience

The most successful and creative kids have more than 350 books at home; with Swircle, any child can now have the same opportunity. Reading makes the mind grow, join the Swircle Community now.

Swircle Community
For a more educated, multilingual and creative world. #ReadThinkGrow